Nebraska City fielded a 5th and 6th grade flag football team which competed in the Syracuse “NFL Play 60 Flag Football” league this fall. The team from Nebraska City, nicknamed the Bears, went 5-2 on the season to win the regular season and then ended up finishing second in the playoffs. The Bears finished the season in the championship game on Saturday, Sept. 30, losing 14-6 to the Broncos (Tecumseh). There were six teams total in the Syracuse league. Four were from Syracuse. The games were 5-on-5 with no blocking or contact at all. This group of boys has played together, for the most part, since kindergarten. Starting out in the Nebraska City youth flag football K-2nd, then in the Ralston flag league for 3rd-4th, and this year Syracuse. The team is coached by John Anthens and Branden Bender. Even though this team competed against 5th-6th grade teams, the Bears had one third grader, a fourth grader. The rest were fifth graders. The players were, in order left to right, Brady Schnitzer, fifth grade at Lourdes; Sam Ebmeier, fourth grade at Lourdes; Beaux Bender, third grade at Hayward; Blue Oggs Jr., fifth grade at Lourdes; Gabe Baxa, fifth grade at Lourdes; Daxx Bender, fifth grade at Hayward; Levi Anthens, fifth grade at Lourdes; Jagar Matson, fifth grade at Lourdes; and Robert Honeysuckle, fifth grade at Lourdes.
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