Nebraska City freshman Brynn Bohlen competed in her first State tournament on Monday, Oct 9, and Tuesday, Oct. 10, and finished 37th out of 71 competitors by  carding 18-hole scores of 104 and 101 for a 205.
Coach Kinnison was proud of Brynn even though weather was an issue  in this event as wind and rain made it difficult half way through.
With the cold weather and trying to keep warm it really changes your swing Kinnison noted.
Coach Kinnison said that Brynn has come a long way as evidenced by her attitude toward shooting a day-one 104.
“At the start of the year, 45 days ago, we were ecstatic with a 104.”  Coach Kinnison said. “So that’s how the expectations have changed for her since the season has gone on because she has improved so much as a player.”
With Bohlen being a freshman Kinnison feels like this is just the beginning of a bright future.
“Hopefully this is just the first of eight rounds.”  Kinnison said.
As a team Kinnison felt like this Nebraska City squad improved and that their mind set changed on wanting to accomplish more as individuals and as a group.
Kinnison added that the team wasn’t happy that they didn’t qualify and thinks this will give them a drive to be more successful.
‘Hopefully that will get a few of them out playing more so we are not on the outside looking in.