The Nebraska City residents who need interpretive services when facing a medical crisis or dealing with questions at the City Hall front desk have a new service available, thanks to a City Council decision Monday night.
Council members voted unanimously to make use of LanguageLine Solutions for as-needed interpretation services for the Nebraska City Rescue, City Hall staff and other city employees.
According to Paramedic Manager Andrew Snodgrass, Nebraska City Rescue providers have had gradually increasing reasons to use interpretive services on emergency medical services calls.
While providers have been able to use family members or friends to interpret up until now, he noted that professional translators would better serve the needs of providers because there would be less risk of the information being modified between the provider and the patient.
LanguageLine is a phone-based service, said Snodgrass, that issues a card with an access code that creates a three-way call between provider, interpreter and patient.  Cost for the phone-based service is 65 cents per minute when it is in use.

Super Pass will include Wildwood
Visitors to Nebraska City who are looking for  an opportunity to visit all the town’s museums can soon purchase a Super Pass that will grant unlimited admission to all 10 Otoe County museums  for a nine-day period.
Nebraska City Museum Association Museum Coordinator Dean Shissler presented the Super Pass plan to the Nebraska City City Council Monday night. Council members needed to approve whether the Wildwood Historic Center, which is owned by the city, would be participating in the program.
Shissler said two passes would be available to visitors: an individual pass, which would cover one adult and two children and cost $24, or a family pass, which would cover two adults and unlimited children and cost  $45.
Shissler said half of the money collected from the Super Pass sale would stay with the museum that sold the pass, while the other half would go into the Museum Association’s Maitenance and Modernization (M and M) fund.
“The point of that is that if we sell a few of these this year,” said Shissler, “we don’t have  to write $200 or $400 grants to fix some little thing in a museum.”
Shissler added that there is no money going into the Super Pass program except for the printing of the passes themselves.
Council members also approved a request from the Civil War Museum to display the Hunley Submarine Traveling Exhibit on 1st Corso during AppleJack;
approved a request from the First Baptist Church to close 3rd Corso between 7th and 8th Streets from 6 to 8:30 p.m. July 30 through Aug. 3 for kids' games;
approved Gas Work Order No. 222 to replace 2200 feet of 1.25-inch steel with 2-inch poly pipe on South 66th Road;
approved Electrical Work Order No. 172 for the NorthStar Senior Housing Project;
adopted Resolution 2792-18 that authorized the sale of surplus city property at an auction that will be held with the Nebraska City Public Schools on Saturday, Aug. 4, at the Second Avenue School and the Nebraska City High School bus barns; and adopted Ordinance 3009-18, which created a separate violation prohibiting urination or defecation in public.
The Nebraska City City Council will next meet at 8 a.m. Tuesday, July 24, for three half-day budget discussion sessions at City Hall.  The next regularly scheduled City Council meeting will take place at 6 p.m. Monday, Aug. 6, also at City Hall.