When the tire on Martha Balquier’s car exploded on Thursday afternoon just west of the Nebraska City News-Press office on 9th Street, the timing of that misfortune couldn’t have been much better.
Balquier, and her passenger, Jesus Balquier, were not hurt when the explosion occurred.
That’s good news.
Even better, three local men were in the area, responded, and helped Balquier get her vehicle back to a working condition.
Robert Kopejtka, Brad Minium and Dylan Yates heard the tire explosion, which residents reported hearing as far as a few blocks away.
The three local men are members of a local off roading group and are dedicated to helping out their fellow citizens.
Whether its a flat tire, a car stuck in the mud or a mechanical issue, the volunteers from this group are dedicated to doing everything they can to make the situation right. They provide all the help they can—free of charge.
Kopejtka said the group has helped a lot of motorists already in its three to four months of existence and said he looks forward to doing more.
Bottom line, this is work that needs to get done. And if no one else is willing to do it—then these guys are willing.
“I feel like it needs to be done,” Kopejtka said. “I have been in their same shoes.”