Dan Mauk of the Nebraska City Area Economic Development Corp., joined representatives from the city of Nebraska City to provide updates for their particular areas of expertise during the Hot Topics coffee at Scooter's Coffee on Wednesday morning.
Mauk spoke to the group about the city’s positioning in the chase to draw in a large and  well paying employer to Nebraska City.
Within the last year, Nebraska City has been in the running for a number of different opportunities. The city was included in the preliminary rounds for the location of data centers for Facebook and Apple.
Mauk said Nebraska City also received consideration for a Toyota operation and a heavy industry operation.
Any of the opportunities would have added significant job growth for the Nebraska City economy. Average annual salaries for the Toyota operation figured to be in the $56K  range with the heavy industrial jobs paying at an average of $75K.
Although Nebraska City did not end up being selected as the location for any of the projects, Mauk said the effort is still noteworthy.
“The fact that we are getting that far on these deals is encouraging to me,” he said.
In addition to talking about Nebraska City’s close calls with major employers, Mauk talked about a win for the Nebraska City housing market as a project to add 28 units for senior housing is gearing up for construction.
The units, seven four-plexes, will be built near the CHI St. Mary’s Hospital.
Construction on the project figures to start later this year.
Although the housing is specifically for seniors, Mauk noted that the additions will have an overall positive effect on the housing market.
With seniors in the community moving to take advantage of the new housing, the  former homes of those residents will be made available on the market.
Also, Mauk said he is doing some research on how Nebraska City can get a housing study done for a lower cost. The normal cost for such a study can be up to $30K. Mauk said that cost for a rural community is imposing.
Following Mauk’s presentation, Vic Johns, Nebraska City street commissioner, and Marty Stovall, construction and facilities manager, gave updates on a number of street projects.
The 11th Street viaduct project now has a timeline with the structure scheduled to come down before April. This will be a deconstruction in phases rather than a demolition so as to allow continued traffic on the railroad.
Overall completion of a new viaduct figures to be in the late summer or early fall of 2019.
Another street project could be under way soon as the city will begin a mill and overlay on North 11th Street from 1st Avenue north to the city limit. The project will include sidewalk ramps for ADA compliance, a new turn lane near the Ambassador Wellness Center and the replacement of the North Table Creek bridge near the old Norman’s building.
Another project is on the city’s to-do list as well as the city plans to use Community Development Block Grant funds to get work done on North 7th Street.
The project includes mill and overlay work as well as concrete work.
Stovall said the intersections will be a prime focus on the project as work will be done to correct drainage issues.