The Nebraska City City Council will host the second housing summit meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 13, at the Morton-James Public Library, 923 1st Corso.
This meeting is set to bring together builders, realtors and representatives of the Nebraska City school boards and Nebraska City’s larger employers to continue the discussion on the town’s housing needs and possible solutions.
The issue of housing in Nebraska City has been around for some time, according to Finance Commissioner Gloria Glover.
“It has come up now because of the efforts to bring employers to Nebraska City and their view of the housing situation,” she said.
Mayor Bryan Bequette said he wanted the current council to “maintain awareness of big issues while also budgeting for day-to-day city operations.”
“Recently the council has addressed large infrastructure needs, and both local schools and CHI Health St. Mary’s have all completed major renovations,” he said.
“Our major employers also seem to be making investment in their facilities and I hope this equates to the possibility of an increased number of jobs,” he added. “There are a lot of great things happening for Nebraska City. “
 Two of the biggest issues Bequette said he  often hears about in meetings and conferences are the impact of work force availability and housing on city growth and economic development.
“I think Nebraska City Public Schools and Southeast Community College are now addressing some of the work force needs through the Career Academy and the NC Learning Center,” he said.
“If we attract the jobs then provide the workers, we need to have these new employees be residents and not commuters,” said Bequette. “I believe it is the right time for Nebraska City to dig a little deeper into our housing needs and possible solutions.”
Bequette said he has always believed Nebraska City’s greatest asset is our people and the town has   knowledgeable people in the right positions to look into the community’s housing situation and to then work toward possible solutions where warranted.
Bequette added that the first Housing Summit started the first task of properly assessing the situation to properly define issues.  
“I look forward to working on this issue over the coming months and am very optimistic about Nebraska City’s future,” he said.