Hayward Elementary honored a number of outstanding students with recognition as Hayward Heros.
The description of a Hayward Hero is as follows: someone who is safe, respectful & responsible, someone who goes above and beyond expectations and follows directions the first time, someone who cares about their classmates and do what is right even when no one is looking. A Hayward Hero respects all adults and students at Hayward, is responsible for their work and effort at school, looks out for others as well as themselves and shows these actions every day at school.  Because of students who demonstrate safe, respectful and responsible behavior Hayward is a better place to learn and teach.
Below are names of the Hayward Heroes for March, April and May as well as text from each student’s nomination form.
Also honored at the final Hayward assembly were students who won the The Presidential Academic Excellence Award and students who completed three years at Hayward without having a disciplinary write up.
Presidential Academic Excellence Awards were presented to nine students by Principal Scot Davis and Naval Recruiter Michael McAnally. Those students were Ashly Argumaniz Robles, Chris Blum, Gabe Loya Hartman, Mason Houghton, Tristan Kingery, Jedediah Kracl, Sidney Moyer, Dallas Meuller-Pry and Hannah Peters.
Students who completed three years at Hayward without a disciplinary write up were Melody Blevins, Emma Kingery, Dallas Mueller-Pry, Adisen Sammons, Gracie Wurtele, Francisco Armenta Ramirez, Ben Chaney, Rachel Dia, Yareli Flores-Adame, Brianna Johnson, Gabe Loya Hartman, Malayna Madsen, Sam Wright, Ashly Argumaniz Robles, Hanna Peter, Kya Rojas, Brook Thorne, Allie Bassinger, Lena Dunn, Alexa Radford, Makenzie Thompson, Madisen Tietz, Sidney Moyer, Tristan Kingery and Felix Velasquez Lorenzo.

The Hayward Heroes for March were Madisen Tietz and Ryan Walker.
“Madisen has a very kind and caring heart.  She works very hard in the classroom and is extremely focused on becoming the best student she can be.  Not a day goes by that I don’t see Madisen doing something nice for someone else.”
“Ryan is a bright, polite and hard working student.  He is on student council, which proves that he is willing to go the extra mile to help out his school. He is patient with those around him and works well with others.”

The Hayward Heroes for April were Gracie Wurtele and Isaiah O’Brian.
“Grace has amazing character and work ethic.  She is trustworthy, caring, responsible, and kind.  Gracie has a shinning, beautiful personality and she makes a fantastic member of any team.”
“Isaiah is a delight to have in the classroom.  He is the perfect example of a focused and hard working student and he leaves a lasting impact on those who work with him.”

The Hayward Heroes for May were Makensie Thompson and Ben Chaney.
"Makensie has overcome adversity in her life to become an amazing student.  Makensie has a desire to do everything to the best of her abilities.  With an attitude like hers, there is no stopping this young lady as she grows up.”
"Ben is polite to his teachers and respects his classmates and peers.  He never complains or argues & always does what is asked of him.  Ben is well deserving of this award.”