E-Cig Ban

Tuesday, the Story County Board of Supervisors set a public hearing to consider banning the use of electronic cigarettes or nicotine vaporizers in public places throughout the county. The city of Ames recently passed a similar ordinance that prohibited the use of the devices in public spaces in the city, including parks and work spaces. The hearing will be set for next weeks meeting so that the public will have a chance to provide input on the possibility of the county creating an ordinance. Although several cities in the state have passed similar laws, this would be the first county in Iowa to enact an ordinance to stop public vaping.

Maple Avenue

The board held the first public hearing to consider amending a county ordinance to rename a portion of Maple Avenue to West Maple Avenue. The name change is in support of the city of Nevada’s plan to improve logistics and public safety. On July 13, 2015, Nevada approved a resolution changing the name of several roads within the city including Maple Avenue to West Maple Avenue. The public hearing for the second reading of the name change will be held on Aug. 23.

Urban Renewal Plan

After receiving new projects to be considered for urban renewal areas over the past few weeks, the board finalized all the directions and suggestions regarding any amendments to be made during the organizational process before county staff returns with a completed draft later in the year. The supervisors asked a few questions about push back from the public on certain projects and the use of TIF funding. Without any other specific directions, county staff said they would return in November to speak about the urban renewal areas further.