Nevada Kiwanis

• At the July 19 Kiwanis Community picnic, members of the Nevada Kiwanis Club and their families tied three blankets to be given to the Kiwanis Builders Club. The Builders Club will donate the blankets to needy children in the community.

• At the July 26 meeting of the Nevada Kiwanis Club, Joel Hutcheson introduced Fred Malven. Fred is the assistant fire chief in charge of training for the Nevada Fire Department. Fred explained to the club that the Nevada Fire Department is one of the older departments in the State of Iowa, having been established in 1860. The Nevada Department is one of 14 in Story County and covers 144 square miles and was one of the first to integrate Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Fred explained the 70 percent of the calls the department receives are for medical-related issues. Thanks you, Joel and thank you, Fred, for all that you do for Nevada and surrounding areas.

Nevada Golden K Kiwanis

• President Marsha Jackson called the July 19 meeting of the Golden K Kiwanis to order and gave the invocation.

Nick Lennie, Story County Sheriff’s Office, gave the program: ALICE: ALERT, LOCKDOWN, INFORMATION, COUNTER, EXECUTION. This is a program to empower schools regarding how to respond to intruders (shooters). He gave a history regarding previous treatment of hostages in schools and compared it to the ALICE program. The ALICE response is different because it involves making a plan and taking action. Properly trained teachers and students will save lives. This program can be taught to pre-schoolers through high school. He told us the procedure for breaking a window so students can get out of the classroom. Teachers need a Go Bucket with the tools available to be prepared. It was a very informative and interesting program.

President Jackson read a list of supplies the school would appreciate receiving for this school year. Visitor Deanna Ward won the 50/50 drawing.

Golden K meets at memorial Lutheran Church at 9 a.m. for coffee and treats, with the meeting beginning at 9:30. Visitors are always welcome.

• On July 26 President Marsha Jackson called the meeting to order. Invocation was given by Mary Pevestorf. President Jackson reminded the club about the school supply drive.

Member Laura Van Allen described a trip to Little Rock, Ark., to visit their son. She mentioned lots of hills and beautiful scenery. Member Dick Atwell told about a summer experience he and a friend had when they were about 13 years old. His parents had purchased an acreage near the Iowa River. He and his friend found a pool near the dam that had many fish in it. By sewing sacks together and hooking them to a hay rope, they closed off the 3-4 foot opening into the pool. They caught lots of carp, which they gave to a neighbor.

Our guest speaker was Marlene Ehresman, executive director of the Iowa Wildlife Center. The center provides professional wildlife medical treatment and rehabilitation of native Iowa wildlife, teaches about wildlife and habitat stewardship and provides wildlife assistance skills training. The developing Iowa Wildlife Center is located on 76 acres of woodland, wetland and prairie just south of the Ledges State Park on 260th St. Ehresman and an intern from ISU, Jack, brought a box turtle, a snapping turtle, a milk snake and a big brown bat to the meeting. They receive calls about animals requesting assistance and information. There are many volunteer opportunities available. The office is currently in Ames, but they hope to move out to the facility near Boone next year.

Jerry Upchurch won the 50/50 drawing.

• Golden K Kiwanis met Aug. 2. Bob Frese was the greeter. The meeting was called to order by President Marsha Jackson. Mary Ann Roegner gave the invocation.

Ursula Ruedenberg, Station Manager for Radio KHOI, (89.1), was our speaker. She was assisted by Cynthia, a volunteer, and Elizabeth, hostess of “Welcome to an Evening with Elizabeth.” “Building Community Through Communications” is the motto of KHOI. It is a nonprofit, noncommercial radio station which is run mostly by volunteers. Streaming online is available as well as web archives. Ursula presented a slide show of the history of KHOI, which included pictures of the progress made from the beginning. There is a map on the website,, which shows the listening area. Program schedules are also available. The radio station is located in the former Ames Pantorium Building.

DJ Elizabeth told us about her show. It airs on Sunday evenings from 6-8 p.m. She has a collection of vinyl records which she uses in her program of music from the ’30s–’60s. She researches the artists/songs and tells about them.

Ursula welcomes participation in the station. There are lots of ways to be a part of it. “It is so much fun!” Ursula grew up in Ames and returned after living 30 years in New York in order to help get KHOI on the air and to spend some time with her dad, Klaus. She is currently emplyed by Pacifica Radio, managing their affiliate network of around 200 stations (included KHOI). She is enthusiastic about community radio.

President Marsha Jackson received a message from the Nevada Chamber of Commerce asking for volunteers for Lincoln Highway Days. She said that the school supplies Golden K is collecting will be due Aug. 16. Darrell Staley and Marsha Jackson will be attending the District Convention.

Birthday wishes were given to Dale Sloan. Shorty Jackson won the 50/50 drawing.

Nevada Lions

The Nevada Lions Club held their annual picnic at the Nevada North Park on July 27. We began with a delicious catered dinner that Lion Susan had arranged and who also prepared some of the food.

The business of the evening followed when we presented our two scholarships for the 2016-2017 year to Bennett Thompson, who is going to UNI and to be an elementary teacher and to Mikaela Rans, who will be attending Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids to pursue a nursing career.

We then presented our Lions awards for the past year. The Lion of the Year went to Jerry Radke, who is our go-to Lion whenever we have any questions about Lionism and has held several state offices, including district governor. The Volunteer of the Year award went to Jim Fenn, who has been instrumental in taking care of the paper recycling program, along with several others who have been helping with the program. Jim also has been in charge of the pancake grill and getting it set up for our Pancake feeds and also puts our Lion float together for parades. The Past President award went to Charlene Jarboe, who was enlisted at the last minute to be our president for 2015-16 and did her usual good job. It was a very pleasant evening and the evening adjourned after a short time of visiting. Our next meeting will be on Aug. 10 at 6:30 p.m. at Windsor Manor. We invite you to come join us, and by the way, don’t be surprised if a Lion asks you to come to a meeting as our guest — President Fenn says he is going to put our feet to the coals to get new members this year.

Nevada Rotary

The Nevada Rotary Club met on Aug. 3 at the Indian Creek Country Club. There were 26 members in attendance, with three visiting Rotarians from Ames — Bob Grathwhol, Charlie Ricketts and Ken Jansen. Other visitors in attnedance were Katie Cassabaum and Leah Biensen.

Special guests were Inez El Ouachini and her family from France. Inez spent the year in Nevada as a Rotary-sponsored foreign exchange student. Her father and Inez gave thanks to the club for thier hospitality and kindness to Inez this past year.

President Jack O’Leary called the meeting to order. Pastor Myron Herzberg led the group in prayer. Rob Biensen entertained the club with the song “School Days.” A report was given by Elizabeth Hansen on the city sidewalk project, new fire engine and the Lincoln Highway Days Parade. Laura West gave a report on the the new stadium project at the high school.

The club broke into committees and spent the rest of the meeting planning for the coming club year. The meeting was adjorned.