Syracuse will soon have an option for Martial Arts at the Fitness Center.  
Beginning on Wednesday, September 10, anyone age ten and up can take the weekly class taught by David Lamb.
David has been doing karate for almost 40 years.  The style that he teaches is called “Uechi Ryu,” and it is from the Chinese System (the same one used in “The Karate Kid” movies).  
He teaches in Lincoln on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and he will be in Syracuse on Wednesdays.
David does karate for several reasons.  He sees a health benefit of staying in shape and staying healthy.  Many people think karate is aggressive, but David says that a big part of karate is a self awareness of mind, body, and spirit.  
Often times people are “disjointed in exercise” so that their mind is not always working with their bodies.
Teaching karate is fun for David, and he is flexible teaching at different levels within the same class.  The classes involve warm-up techniques to enhance good health especially of the joints, exercises to strengthen the body and its movement, stretching to improve flexibility, and basic to advanced self-defense strategies.  
The class in Syracuse is open to anyone ten years and over.  This would be a good opportunity for youth to participate in an activity with their parent.  Sessions will be two hours long (6:35-8:30).  No uniforms are needed - just comfy clothes allowing for easy movement.  The cost is $80 for members and $105 for nonmembers.  
Fitness Plus is offering the class in two sessions (and possibly more in the future depending on interest).  Session one is eight weeks running Wednesdays from September 10th through October 29th. Session two is seven weeks running Wednesdays from November 5th to December 17th ($70 for members and $92 for nonmembers).  Family discounts are available; inquire at Fitness Plus.
Other new classes are being offered this fall by Fitness Plus.  There will be a dance class for students K-4 taught by Sarah Burr.  It is an eight week class beginning Tuesday, September 9th from 6:35-7:15.  A Kids Walking Club is available for kids in 4th grade and above.  They are encouraged to come on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5pm, but kids can also come other times.  There will be milestone recognition and incentives from staff.  
A class is also available called Toddler Time Together for children and adults to do songs, dancing and games, and stretching; it’s all designed in a fun way that also develops cognitive and motor skills.  It begins Saturday September 20th - October 11th and then second session November 1st - November 22nd.  Participants age 1-4 plus an adult are included in the class fee- $15 for members, $35 for nonmembers.
Contact Fitness Plus at 402-269-3760 for more details on karate or any of the other new classes.