NEBRASKA CITY – A Nebraska City Police Department officer was injured while responding to a call about two dogs chasing a female jogger.
A jogger had called the police Wednesday morning to report that two dogs, a German shepherd and a possible blue heeler, chased her as she ran by the residence. The department got a call a similar call that morning concerning the dogs.
Officer Jason Holman responded to the residence on the 700th block of 11th Corso.  
Sgt. Dana Schebaum said when Holman arrived on the scene, the two dogs chased him. He retreated, slipped and fell, causing him to break his wrist. Schebaum said the dogs were considered "vicious."
The dogs then charged Holman a second time. He withdrew his gun and fired one shot toward the dogs.
Schebaum said the dogs were unharmed and ran back toward the residence.
More police officers arrived at the scene to retrieve the dogs. Schebaum said they were taken to the Arbor Valley Animal Clinic. Schebaum had no details about the status of the dogs nor the officer.
The name of the owner of the dogs hasn't been released.
Schebaum added that there were a total of seven dogs at the residence, and this wasn't the first time officers have been called to the location about the dogs.
"They've been out (of the residence) before," she said.