Suspect used 'assault-style rifle'

NEBRASKA CITY – Police believe the bank robbery reported at First Nebraska Bank on South 11th Street Friday afternoon was the handiwork of one suspect.
County Prosecutor David Partsch told members of the media Friday afternoon that the suspect, who allegedly robbed the bank with an "assault-style rifle," fled the scene alone in an unknown direction.
As of Friday afternoon, no arrests had been made.
A preliminary account of the incident taken from video footage and witness testimony indicates that the suspect, who was disguised in a ski mask, entered the bank at 2:22 p.m., demanding all the cash from the drawers and the vault, Partsch said.
The suspect warned them not to give him any cash that contained dye packs or tracking devices. Before leaving, the suspect ordered all five bank employees to enter the vault and remain inside for 10 minutes. He then barricaded the vault door with a chair, Partsch said.
The suspect was in and out of the bank in three minutes, and no shots were fired.
"This was obviously a very terrifying circumstance for everybody involved. They key is, nobody was harmed physically," Partsch said.
Described as a white male weighing approximately 225 pounds, the suspect was also wearing a green flannel shirt, blue jeans, work boots and gloves.
Partsch said officers are still reviewing video footage from the incident.
Police were alerted by a silent alarm, which was triggered by an employee just before being ordered into the vault.
Sullivan Davison, a witness who was walking near the bank between 2:20 and 2:30 p.m., said he saw the police arrive on the scene. He didn't recall seeing anyone else leave the bank before the police arrived.
"We saw cops coming at both sides, and bank employees were walking out with their hands up," Davison said.
The Otoe County Sheriff's Department and the Nebraska State Patrol were on the scene to assist, and other agencies, including the FBI, have been notified of the incident.