Hamburg Public School bus #04 crashed into a wood-framed garage at June Thomas’ residence at 2300 Main Street in Hamburg on Tuesday afternoon.

          Michael Gene Good, 61, of Farragut was the bus driver. Fremont County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Steve Owens said the accident happened at about 3:15 p.m. while Good was preparing to pick students up from the elementary school. Children weren't on the bus at the time.

          "What we do know is that it's just the one occupant, the driver, and for reasons unknown he drove off of the street and struck the garage," Owens said.  

          Owens said Wednesday morning that the accident is still under investigation and the reason Good drove off of the road are still unknown. The chief deputy said a Hamburg paramedic checked Good and he had no injuries.

Owens added that the bus was equipped with an onboard video camera that might shed some light on what happened.

"We're in the process now of trying to access and view that," Owens said.

Kenealy said that “pursuant to law, the driver was tested for drugs and alcohol yesterday afternoon, and he will not be able to drive a school bus until the investigation has been completed and all results are in.

Hamburg Superintendent Terry Kenealy said, “the District feels really bad about the damage to Ms. Thomas’ property, of course, and is just thankful that no one was hurt in the accident.”   Kenealy said he spoke with the property owner yesterday afternoon and she was very understanding about the incident.  

      “The bus is in the shop, waiting on an insurance review, but repairable; damage to Ms. Thomas’ property will also be looked at for insurance purposes; there were no children involved, and no one was injured.  We’re just so relieved that everything that was damaged in this accident can be fixed,” Kenealy said.