NEBRASKA CITY – A 24-year-old Texas man was arrested Monday morning on suspicion of first degree sexual assault on a 19-year-old Lincoln woman.
Noe Juan Renteria of Carrolltown, Texas, was arrested by Nebraska City Police Department Capt. Lonnie Neeman Monday morning.
Neeman said the alleged victim notified the police department Sunday afternoon that she had been sexually assaulted early that morning. Renteria was found in a local residence in Nebraska City.
"With her help we were able to find out where he was at," Neeman said.
Neeman said the assault appeared to have happened inside of a car, and that drugs and alcohol don't seem to be factors in the case.
Renteria was detained Sunday afternoon and then formally arrested Monday morning. Neeman said Renteria doesn't have sexual assault priors, but did have an outstanding Douglas County warrant.  
Renteria was arraigned and his bond was set at $25,000. Renteria has since been released from the Otoe County Detention Center on bail.
"We're collecting evidence and processing it and seeing what we can come up with," Neeman said. "Investigations are not concluded until you get a verdict."