A man was arrested this Monday morning after leading law enforcement officials on a three-state chase.
Thirty-seven-year-old Neal A. Ulfers was arrested at 10:26 a.m. by the Nodaway County Sheriff's Office in Maryville, Mo.
Ulfers allegedly stole a 2007 white Chevy Silverado pickup, valued at $8,000, at about 7:15 a.m., belonging to the Landscape Services Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
UNL Police Department Sgt. David Dibelka said a university landscaping employee parked the vehicle in a median in front of the Lied Center at 12th and R Streets.
The keys were left inside of the unlocked vehicle, along with the employee's cell phone.
Dibelka said another landscaping employee helped with tracking down the cell phone that was left inside of the Chevy pickup by using a GPS application.
"We were able to track the phone with a Find-My-Phone app, or something like that," Dibelka said.
By determining the location of the phone, the police department was able to track down the stolen vehicle. Dibelka said when the cell phone was located it and the vehicle were in Iowa.
Iowa State Patrol Trooper Corey Moore said his office in Council Bluffs received a report from the Nebraska State Patrol about the stolen vehicle. Moore was the second patrol car in the pursuit. Two Fremont County deputies also assisted in the chase. Moore said the deputies used stop sticks to try and slow down the suspect.
Moore said Ulfers was heading southbound on Interstate 29 when he began the pursuit with the suspect. The trooper said at times the chase hit high speeds.
"It varied on and off," Moore said. "It would sometimes get to the 80s to high 90s."
Ulfers then drove onto Highway 2 and headed east, then turned on a blacktop road heading south, drove through part of Hamburg, and eventually headed south onto Highway 59 to Missouri.
Durand said the Nodaway Sheriff's Office received the call at 9:30 a.m., after Ulfers had traveled through Atchinson County in Missouri.
The Missouri Highway Patrol, Maryville Public Safety Department and Nodaway County Sheriff's Office helped stop Ulfers at the intersection of Highway 71 and Business 71 at Maryville. Ulfers was forced off of the road into a shallow ditch by a MHP SUV.
"At times the speeds were getting up to 80, 85," Durand said.
Durand said Ulfers was transported to St. Francis Hospital & Health Services for minor cuts. No other injuries were reported in the chase.
"I'm thankful that there were no injuries to anybody and everybody's safe," Moore said.
Nodaway County dispatcher Danielle Durand said that Ulfers' last known address  was in Maryville in 2010. As of Monday at press time, charges were still pending.