Plans are in the works to approve the concept of extending  natural gas service to the Village of Douglas.
Nebraska City Utilities Department General Manager Leroy Frana said earlier this week that the Board of Public Works is scheduled to recommend approval of said concept to the Nebraska City City Council.
The next step is to create a customer base in Douglas, a community that Frana says uses "mostly propane."
"We think it's most appropriate at this time," Frana said. "…We can garner the interest in order to make the project feasible.
“They would sign an agreement to go forward. We can notify the pipeline company to move forward with engineering and construction of the tap."
Currently, the Utilities Department provides natural gas services to Unadilla, Syracuse, and Dunbar in addition to its customers in town.
Douglas also receives its electricity services from Nebraska City.
Frana said the 2014-2015 budget has $393,000 designated for "a complete build-out from the interstate pipeline tap" to Douglas.
Once the infrastructure from the pipeline is built, each customer would pay a fee to have a line run to their home.
"Theoretically they would get their money back in savings rather than paying for propane," Frana said.
Frana said the project could be up and running as early as October 2015.