One of the goals of the Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund (NCCFF) is to invest in people.
This is the third in a series of “Getting to Know Your NCCFF donors” – those who have chosen to "lead by example," and donate time, talent or treasure to the NCCFF. Next in line, Sharon Hersemann.

How long have you donated time, talent or treasure to the NCCFF and why did you get involved?

I worked for Doug Friedli at Otoe County Bank when the Nebraska City Community Foundation fund was in its infancy. Doug’s passion for the foundation and its possibilities was inspiring!
Later, our friendship with Erv and Marcia Friesen pushed us to join as annual donors about 2010.
Several years ago, I was asked to take over the role of Assistant Treasurer when Bill Davis retired from those duties. I agreed, and am still serving in this capacity.

What are some of the things you are most proud of when it comes to the work the NCCFF does?
Since I process the contributions and the disbursements for the accounts with NCCFF – I am aware of the many local groups that use the foundation for these purposes. We service over 20 accounts for various groups. It is a pleasure to partner with so many local projects.
I am particularly proud of the Youth Advisory Committee and the work and new ideas they bring to the table. I am proud of the support available to the Morton James Public Library, and the number of scholarships (traditional, non-traditional and Science Fair) that we are able to award and process.
Finally, I am very proud of this group as it has responded to the great opportunity of becoming involved in the Sherwood Challenge.

How would you say you personally invest in the people of Nebraska City?
In addition to serving as the Assistant Treasurer of NCCFF, I am also treasurer of the Nebraska City Historical Society, active at First Lutheran Church, sing with the Belles-A-Peelin barbershop group, mentor a student through the TeamMates program, and am a member of Rotary, PEO and Friends of Arbor Lodge.

Tell us a little more about yourself – what you do, your family.
My husband and I moved to this area in 1995, when he joined the administrative staff at Peru State College. We were welcomed into the community from day one! We stayed in Nebraska City by choice after he retired. I now feel invested in Nebraska City, and love being part of the wonderful life style available here.
I work at Arbor Bank, as a Retail Banking Officer, and have for the past 17 years. It is great to work at a place that is active in and supportive of this community. My older daughter Susan and her family live in Frederick, MD. My younger daughter Jennifer and her family, live in Nebraska City. It is a joy to have added them to this great community.

Why should others care about the work of the NCCFF and why do you encourage others to invest time, talent or treasure?
When I started my relationship with NCCFF, the Endowment Account was not of significant size to be able to actually award grants. The Sherwood Challenge that we are fortunate to be part of now, is one of the best reasons to support and participate. We have the opportunity to raise local funds, and have those funds matched by dollars coming from somewhere else. When this campaign is concluded, there will be sufficient capital to actually start making grants. NCCFF is a foundation funded by people who support and care about Nebraska City.
So, whether people can give to the Endowment Sherwood Challenge, give via an annual donation – or both – it’s a wonderful time to get involved and fulfill the mission of NCCFF “to create a culture of giving” and “to invest in people.” Join us in this community effort! You’ll be glad you did!