UNADILLA – Roland Rodaway of Unadilla is 94 years young, and that hasn’t slowed down his desire to help other people through blood donation.  
Each donation has the potential to save three lives.
In the last 53 years, Roland has given 166 pints of blood.  
So, with his next donation, he could have saved over 500 lives.
His first donation was in 1961.  
Roland said, “I was late in the game; I was a chicken about needles.  My brother was a donor all the time, and he sort of prompted me to get into it.”
Though there have been times he was unable to donate because he was ill, Roland has regularly given at every opportunity since he began those many years ago.   
By his 95th birthday in October, Roland will reach a milestone 21 gallons of blood donated in his lifetime.
This is an extraordinary accomplishment!
Roland has no intention of stopping.  He does it because he wants to help people, and he would like to encourage other eligible people to donate as well.  
Roland said, “As long as I’m allowed, if they’ll take it, I’ll be there.”
About blood donation:  The donation process takes about an hour, but the actual donation is only 8-10 minutes.  
Donors first read information and answer health questions.  
Then, they are checked for acceptable blood pressure, temperature, and hemoglobin (iron) level.  
Once all that is completed, the donor is seated comfortably for the actual donation.  
Finally, refreshments are served and donors are asked to wait 15 minutes before leaving to resume normal activities.