NEBRASKA CITY – A Kansas man identified a homeless hitchhiker named "Grim" as the man who stole his SUV from a Nebraska City convenience store on Tuesday.
Jay Mott, 41, of Beloit, Kan., told police Tuesday that the hitchhiker stole his 1993 Chevy Suburban from Tag’s One Stop on Highway 75 South.
According to Sgt. Dana Schebaum of the Nebraska City Police Department, Mott told officers that he offered the hitchhiker a ride while driving through Illinois. Schebaum said Mott and another man, who had been following Mott in another vehicle, went inside the establishment to pay for gas, leaving the hitchhiker inside the Suburban.
When they returned, the Suburban was gone. Schebaum confirmed that Mott left his keys in the vehicle when he went inside the store.
"We're still looking," she said. "Right now [Mott] is just reporting that his Suburban is missing.
The hitchhiker is described as a white male with a full-grown, reddish brown beard, approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall with a slim build. He was last seen wearing camouflage shorts.
Schebaum said the hitchhiker had mentioned to Mott that he might have been headed to Oregon.