The Syracuse Fire Department responded to a house fire in Otoe on Saturday, Aug. 2. Unadilla, Dunbar, and Otoe Departments also responded. 
The home of Scott Smith caught fire in a basement bedroom.  No one was home at the time, but a neighbor called 911 when smoke was spotted.  
Syracuse fireman Chris Lutjemeyer said,
“When we got there, the smoke was rolling out of the eaves of the attic vents, and we did a walk-around and saw the siding on the south side of the house melted.  Windows were cracked from the heat.   
“Otoe Fire shut off utilities to the house.  Adam Holz and Andy Griepenstroph took attack lines to the upstairs north door for interior attack.  We took another line through the west door into the basement.  
“We used our thermal imaging camera, and we found the fire in the downstairs basement in the northeast corner of the house.  It was hot enough that three floor joists were burned.  Pretty much the whole house has smoke damage.”
The thermal imaging camera was purchased through donations to the Syracuse Fire Department.  Through the thick smoke, it helps the fire-fighters locate the source of the heat.  
It’s similar to night-vision.  The hotter spots are brighter.
There is extensive damage to the home because of the smoke and intense heat.  It is believed that a candle in the basement bedroom caused the fire.