SIDNEY – The Board of Supervisors on July 29 approved a budget increase of about $50,000 for the ongoing jail construction project, but most of the meeting was focused on strained interpersonal relationships.
According to County Supervisor Cara Morgan, discussion about employee conduct and treatment of one another took a good amount of time at the meeting.
County Attorney James Burger talked about some of the ways that courthouse employees were not behaving professionally and their lack of respect toward each other, encouraging an attitude adjustment as quickly as possible.
In jail construction news, the board approved cost changes to the law enforcement center (LEC) project, entailing an increase of approximately $50,000 to the budget due to issues found in the Fire Marshal's inspection.
In other action, the Board of Supervisors and the City of Sidney were able to reach an agreement on the form and content of the 28E agreement for street and grounds maintenance, and that agreement will be typed up with approved changes for signatures by both parties.
Subsequent to the issues the board had encountered earlier this month when more than one Supervisor was on vacation, a change was made to payroll procedures, allowing department heads to sign payroll for their own departments now, rather than the Supervisors having to do so.
Additional changes to the Employee Handbook were discussed, in an ongoing complete overhaul of that document.
The 28E agreement for the Case Management Supervisor position was renewed.  Payments were approved for material inspection costs on the Thurman Bridge project and for work on Project #BROS-CO 36(68).  The Treasurer’s semi-annual report was received and approved.
Purchase of a Betra Spec computer program used to track veterans was discussed and approved.  Danny Toma discussed the need to treat grounds trees for Emerald Ash Borer due to its rapid spread across the state.
Emergency Management Director Mike Crecelius brought in a copy of the latest letter received from the Army Corps of Engineers regarding unacceptable segments of levees.  This letter listed the Waubonsie DD Segment, Watkins DD Segment, Miller-Sturgeon Segment, and Bartlett Segment.  This letter was otherwise just like the last letter received, saying, “Maintenance deficiencies identified in the inspection may prevent the FRRP from performing as designed and present an increased risk to the public.”  According to Crecelius a meeting will be held in mid-August with the Army Corps of Engineers and Supervisors and others to discuss fixing these issues.