The Nebraska Department of Roads in Lincoln reported that 24 people died in June in 22 traffic crashes in the state. That's two more fatalities than June 2013.
"We don't like to see those numbers," Nebraska Department of Roads communication manager Mary Jo Oie said. "We're trying to get (numbers) to go down."
Oie said that out of the 24 fatalities, none were from Otoe County.
The following is other data that the department collected from this year's June fatalities:
- Out of 18 vehicle occupants, 10 died and weren't wearing seat belts;
- Five fatalities happened on the interstate, 13 occurred on non-interstate highways and 6 took place on local roads;
- Eighteen fatalities were on rural roads;
- Six fatalities were 65 or older
- Five fatalities were motorcyclists;
- Two fatalities were collisions with trains;
- One fatality was a pedestrian.
So far this year, there have been 106 fatalities and 93 fatal vehicle crashes.
"The question that we're always asking is why, why, why?" Oie said. "All drivers, whether they're 16 or 69 need to ask themselves why these car crashes are happening."
The department also collected the following data from previous years:
- In 2013, there were 99 fatalities and 87 fatal crashes,
- In 2012, there were 92 fatalities and 86 fatal crashes,
- In 2011, there were 81 fatalities and 76 fatal crashes,
- And in 2010, there were 85 fatalities and 77 fatal crashes.
The numbers are heartbreaking for Oie because she wants the number of fatalities to be zero. She recommends that people practice defensive driving and pay more attention on the roads.
"There's nothing more dangerous that you're doing in a day than driving your vehicle. … It's the most important thing that you do in a day," Oie said. "You make the wrong decision, then you or some other person is going to die."
For more traffic crash facts, go to, under Accident Records, and Traffic Crash Facts Annual Report.