Essential rules for summer skin protection from a seasoned pro.

If you have to embark on an 11- mile jungle trek in the dead of summer, its handy to have a nurse along. Thats what Margaret Bobonichs teammates discovered during 2005s Survivor: Guatemala season, which found the dermatology nursepractitioner tending to dehydration, torn muscles and a poisonous barbed plant injury after her team won the grueling first challenge.

Ousted halfway through her season, Bobonich returns to Guatemala annually with nonprofit Refuge International and practices full-time at Clevelands University Hospital, Case Medical Center.

You may not (hopefully) be lost in the wild this summer, but you should still protect your skin with Bobonichs tips.

Do wear a hat and SPF 30 outdoors, and reapply every two hours.

Dont spend more than four hours in direct sun, even if youre protected. Break it up with some shade time. The sun plays a big part in breaking down skin so that you get more wrinkles and dark spots, Bobonich says.

Do wash up immediately after youre exposed to poison ivy. The oil stays on our skin and causes irritation as long as its there, Bobonich says.

Dont use soapespecially the antibacterial kindon your face and body. Opt for a gentle cleanser.

Do take cooler, shorter showers to help keep skin hydrated.

Do use petroleum jelly for wound and burn care. Hydrated wounds heal faster and better, and the jelly also prevents scarring, she says. Its also a great, non-allergenic moisturizer.

This article originally appeared as on American Profile