LINCOLN – The Nebraska Public Service Commission (Commission) has been notified by the North America Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) that the 402 Area Code is nearing exhaust with only ten codes remaining.  
As a result, numbers from the 531 Area Code are now available for carriers to assign to their customers.  
In 1999 NANPA informed the Commission that it must begin the process of selecting a plan for providing additional telephone numbers in the 402 numbering plan area as the current available numbers were depleting rapidly.  
On June 30, 2009 the Commission entered an order adopting an overlay relief plan with implementation milestones.
One of the milestones was the new 531 Area Code numbers would not be made available until there were only ten remaining codes in 402.
The Commission, in conjunction with the Nebraska telecommunications industry, has worked to ensure a smooth implementation of the new 531 Area Code.
For everyone making calls in the 402 Area Code,  ten digit dialing will remain the same to reach local numbers in the 402 and 531 Area Codes.    
Long distance (toll) calls within the 402 and 531 Area Codes will continue to require dialing a 1 before the ten digit number is called.
New numbers with a 531 Area Code will begin to be available for carriers to assign and will serve customers in the same geographic area now served by the 402 Area Code.  
Placing calls in the 308 Area Code and three digit dialing, including 211, 411, 711, and 911, will be unchanged with the introduction of the 531 Area Code.
Further information on the 402/531 Area Code Relief Plan can be found on the Commission’s website at