The Brownville Village Theatre has added two more plays to its 48th season with “Don’t Tell Mother!” and “Over the Checkerboard,” both of which opened last weekend.
“Don’t tell Mother!” is a farce written by Monk Ferris.
The main character, Cinnamon Scmidt, has witnessed a bank robbery and is the only one who can identify the robber.
Cinnamon confides to her friend, Deedee, that she is worried that the robber might be looking for her. Joe Shimko, a federal agent, having gotten a tip that the robber, Orville is on his way, mistakenly believes that Deedee is Cinnamon and vice versa.
Orville arrives and is mistaken for the caterer for Cinnamon’s engagement dinner that evening.
The confusion continues when Hobart, Cinnamon’s fiancée, arrives and is told that Deedee is Cinnamon.
More identity mix up occurs, and the mayhem continues.     “Over the Checkerboard” is a comedy by Fred Carmichael.
The setting of River Corners, Vermont, is your typical quaint small town.
The town’s claim to fame is that Oliver Fox worthy, a famous novels, lived there, and when he died, left the village an unpublished work entitled “Over the Checkerboard.”
The townspeople hope the proceeds from the novel will keep a developer from destroying the town with a large shopping mall.    
Problems arise when the book turns out to be a steamy look at a small town not unlike River Corners, with characters similar to themselves.
When a publisher arrives to read the novel, the townspeople decide to play the roles of the character in the novel in order to save their village.     
In true repertory style, all five productions will be performed each weekend from now through August 10, thus providing theatre patrons a unique opportunity to truly get their fill of theatre!    
Tickets for all performances may be obtained by contacting the Theatre Box Office, open daily from 9-11:30 a.m. and 1-5 p.m.
The phone number is 402-825-4121.
One may also order tickets through the website by visiting or by e-mail: