Biking or runningwhich is the better workout? Click to find out.

Without a doubt, both running and cycling are greatheart-pumping, calorie-scorchingworkouts. And as long as youre getting your body moving on most days of the weekwhether thats hopping on a spin bike, lacing up your sneakers, or even taking your dog out for a walkthats a win. Butwhich activity is better for fat lossbiking or running? For bones? For injury prevention? The answer: It depends. Both biking or running deliver unique health benefits, studies suggest. Heres how they stack up in four key areas: Fat Loss Winner: Running When done at the same intensity, running burns more fat compared to cycling, according to a small study in people who were well trained in the respective sports, published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. Running may recruit larger muscle groups and more muscle fibers to use up fat for energy. Injury Winner: Biking Researchers at Appalachian State University compared intense cycling and running workouts, finding that long-distance runners experience more post-exercise muscle damage and inflammation compared to cyclists. One reason: cycling is a lower-impact exercise thats easier on your bodyand may be the better choice for newbies. Bones Winner: Running To keep bones strong, hoofing it on pavement might be your best option. In a group of healthy adult men, cyclists were 7 times more likely to have osteopenia of the spine (a condition that increases fracture risk) than runners, found a 2007 study from University of Missouri, Columbia researchers. Running creates a load on bones that strengthens them in the process. Hunger Winner: Both Does working out make you hungrier? Turns out, it actually decreases your appetite, according to a 2012 UK study. Researchers looked at the hunger hormone concentrations of men after cycling or running. Hunger levels didnt differ between the two sportsin fact, exercising lowered appetite in both. Overall Winner: Its a tie! Though it looks like running has the edge, both have their perks. Beginners new to a fitness routine might want to start out with biking, whereas running might be more effective if youre looking to lose weight. The best option, though, is to fit both into your workout routine. Youll slim down and reduce your risk of injury at the same time. Now get out there!   This article originally appeared as on Spry Living