Sid Dinsdale, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate made a quick campaigning stop in Nebraska City on Monday, May 5.

Candidate for U.S. Senate Sid Dinsdale, Republican, made a quick stop at Janie’s Confections in Nebraska City Monday morning.

Dinsdale didn’t stand up and make any political speeches, but rather chatted with the community members who were in the shop at the time.

He introduced himself as a fourth generation Nebraskan and explained that he wanted to go to D.C. to fight for Nebraska’s rights.  He said he will not take PAC money because he doesn’t want to be beholden to anyone but the people of Nebraska.  Dinsdale said that people out east refer to Nebraska as “fly-over country” in a derogatory manner, and it’s time for a different perspective in D.C.

Dinsdale’s focus is on repealing “Obamacare”, reducing government over-reach, lowering taxes, supporting energy independence, and protecting our borders.  He compared the implementation of “Obamacare” to a frog that gets boiled slowly and doesn’t know it is dying until it’s over.

When asked what made him different from other candidates, Dinsdale listed three things:  his life experience, the fact that he is limiting himself to no more than two terms, and the fact that his long history in Nebraska makes him beholden to Nebraska.  Dinsdale has extensive experience with banking and non-profits and agriculture companies, including livestock feed companies.

Dinsdale said that what he was hearing from people as he traveled were extreme concerns about “Obamacare”, and worries about energy dependence and the common core education requirements.

Traveling with his wife, Dawn, daughter Paige, granddaughter Violet, and son-in-law Brian Ritter, Dinsdale didn’t stay long at Janie’s, shaking hands, passing out pamphlets, and assuring people that he would remember where he came from and who was important to him when he got to Washington D.C.