Cub Scout Troop #346 got in the Arbor Day spirit Thursday evening as Doug Grimm of Grimm's Gardens helped them plant a tree and offered his expert advice.

Cub Scout Troop #346 got in the Arbor Day spirit Thursday evening.

The troop participated in a tree planting demonstration led by Doug Grimm of Grimm’s Gardens. Grimm shared his 20 years of tree planting knowledge with the scouts and their parents.

He said one common mistake people make is planting a tree too deep. “When squirrels hide acorns or they fall from trees, how deep do they get?” he asked the scouts. “So how deep should we plant the tree?”

The hole should be only as deep as the root ball.  After the tree is planted, he said people typically make another mistake in how they mulch the tree.

“People make it look like a volcano, but that is wrong,” he told the scouts. “It should look like a doughnut with the tree coming out of the middle.”

He also said the mulch should extend to the drip line of the tree, or the outermost branches where rainwater drips to the ground.  

After the demonstration he gave the troop a Japanese Hornbean- Carpinus Japonica tree to plant on their own.