Hi, Im Dr. Coleman, said a guy in a surgical suit at the end of my hospital bed. Ill be performing your knee surgery. Great, I replied. I just have a couple of things I want to confirm with you, he continued, looking at my chart. OK. Your name is Tracy Beckerman. Yes. Youre 49 years old. Yes, I agreed. And we are operating on your left knee. Right. The right knee? No, left. You said right, he argued. No I didnt. He paused and looked at the chart. Lets try again. OK. The knee that we are doing the surgery on is your left knee, he said slowly. Right. Its your right knee? No. You just said it was. Left knee, I assured him. Left? Right! Well, which one is it, he asked. Left or right? Left. Left! Right. He sighed. Well come back to that. He checked his chart again. OK, your anesthesiologist is Dr. Watt. Dr. Who? I wondered. Dr. Watt. What? Yes. Yes, what? I asked. Right. No, I mean, whats his name? Dr. Watt. What? Yes. We stared at each other. He needs to know if you have any allergies, he continued. Who? Watt. What? Yes. No, I replied. Tell Dr. Whoever I have no allergies. Watt. What what? The anesthesiologist, he said. Thats his name. Whats his name? Yes, he nodded. OK, whatever. I said. Can we do the surgery now? Sure, he said. We will do the surgery on your left knee. Right. Follow Tracy on Twitter at @TracyinSuburbia.