Here’s to feeling a connection to the NCAA men’s basketball tourney.

Here’s to feeling a connection to the NCAA men’s basketball tourney.
You can probably credit most of that to Nebraska being in the tourney field for the first time in forever.
Even so, I feel more excitement about this bracket than in any other year.
Ok, so it’s not like I never cared about the NCAA tourney. Yes, I fill out a bracket. Yes I watch games, particularly the early rounds.
This time around, I am more interested. I have some opinions about the event. Some passionate opinions even.
It is important that Nebraska made this tournament, even if they lose in the first round. When a team is picked to finish last in its league, thoughts of inclusion in the NCAA tourney seem pretty out there. Nebraska not only made it but has been picked by at least some to get past Baylor in the first round and into a potential match up with in-state rival Creighton.
Imagine what a tourney match up between Creighton and Nebraska would do to that rivalry.
Speaking of Creighton, it will be interesting to see how far this team can go. How good was the Big East Conference? Do the Jays have a legit chance to advance to the Elite Eight? Final Four?
The same kinds of questions are being asked about the Jays’ former Missouri Conference brethren in Wichita State. The Shockers are unbeaten and have a No. 1 seed plus a lot of doubters. I must admit, it’s hard not to doubt. The Missouri Valley was weaker this year than last. And the Shockers only played a handful of tourney qualifiers all year.
Other teams to watch include Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio State, and Michigan State from the Big 10 and Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State from the Big 12.
How cool would it be for Kansas State and Wichita State to match up?
I can’t wait for this thing to tip off.
Heck, I might even watch the games on Tuesday and Wednesday.
For me that would be insane.
So, you could say that, by even considering such an act, I am already more engaged in March Madness than ever before.