The chairman of the Nebraska Democratic Party responded to State Sen. Bill Kintner's townhall meeting in Nebraska City Monday calling for the senator to apologize to women, parents, working people and early childhood education.

Party Chairman Vince Powers said Nebraska Democrats are shocked by Kintner's "blatant ignorance and disregard" toward parents, children’s education, women, and the working class people of Nebraska.   

In a press release to Nebraska media, Powers questioned Kintner's support for cuts to early childhood education and his reasoning that he is not convinced “it works.”“The jury is still out on if early education even works," Kintner said, adding he wants proof. He then went on to blame parents for “not doing what they ought to”, implying if parents were doing their jobs, early childhood education would not be necessary. 

“I find it shocking Sen. Kintner is unsure if educating children ‘works,’ and needs proof," he said.

He said Kintner then went on to  insult parents who understand educating children ‘works’ and who want the best for their children.

He said, "I would like to ask the senator, since when does putting children on an educational path early in life, constitute bad parenting?”

Power also objected to reports that Kintner singled out women for their "bad behavior" as rationale to defund social programs.

The Nebraska City News-Press quoted Kintner as saying, "we pay for their bad behavior. Women — not men — can live a pretty good life by making bad mistakes such as having more children."

In response to this statement Sen. Danielle Conrad is asking Kintner to make an apology. 

“Kintner’s outrageous attack on women is appalling,” said Conrad.  “I would ask Sen. Kintner to apologize to all women in Nebraska for these sexist and completely irresponsible comments.”

The press release also expresses Democrats' "disbelief" regarding Kintner's comments regarding the minimum wage.

Kintner reportedly said the minimum wage is a training wage and people should move on to better paying jobs.

 “The Nebraska Democratic Party calls on Kintner to apologize to all Nebraskans for his unfounded and offensive statements immediately,” Powers said.

  “We fully expect Governor Heineman to condemn these disrespectful views and statements given by Senator Kintner,”  he said.