Indulge your sweet tooth this holiday season with these diabetes-friendly dessert recipes.

'Tis the season for cakes, pies, breads and pastries. But for individuals living with diabetes,holiday season isnt always so sweet. After all, when you're trying to be vigilant about blood sugar levels, theres nothing quite like moms famous pumpkin pie to weaken your defenses and tempt you to stray from your diet. Just because you have diabetes doesnt mean you cant indulge your sweet tooth this holiday season, however. In order to include everyone in the festive holiday fare, we've selected some delicious low-carb, low-sugar dessert recipes, courtesy of The Diabetes Cookbook, that wont send glucose levels soaring. We're certain that everyone will be in the holiday spirit when these diabetic-friendly desserts conclude the menu. Brought to you by: Spry Living