State Sen. Bill Kintner fielded questions about the state's plan to close a portion of Highway 75 between Union and Nebraska City next spring at a town hall meeting in Plattsmouth Dec. 9.

Kintner said he would like to to have a January meeting with road officials in Nebraska City.

The Plattsmouth Journal reports that closing a stretch of Highway 75 near Nebraska City was a topic at state Sen. Bill Kintner's town hall meeting in Plattsmouth Dec. 9.

The $11.6 million project will replace paving on 6.7 miles of the highway and includes four bridges. One of the bridges is over the Weeping Water Creek between Union and Wostrel Family Union Orchard and the other is over the Union Pacific Railroad north of Nebraska City.

Roads department officials report that a detour using Highway 50 about 20 miles to the west will be available for the daily traffic of 4,565 vehicles.

Kintner, who expects the highway work around Plattsmouth to be completed in 2015, said he would like to have state Department of Roads engineer Tim Weander at a Nebraska City meeting in January to explain the need to close the roadway.

Highway 75 between Bellevue and Nebraska City is listed on the state's 20-year-old four-lane expressway system, but the new construction is not part of a four-lane improvement.

The stretch of highway was used as part of the detours when Interstate 29 was closed due to flooding in 2011.