Alison Ellie Heller is the acquisitions editor for an e-publisher, dedicated blogger and single mom who also writes paranormal and fantasy romance novels.

Her latest book, A Matter of Fate, follows the plight of half-trained Warder, Mona Lisa Kubrek, as she tries to identify the source of the death spells targeting humans. Along the way, Mona reluctantly accepts the help of Cart Dupree, a half-elf as interested in Monas unique magic abilities as he seems to be in checking out her bedroom talent. Unfortunately, Cart possesses the skills to locate Monas enemy, which means she has no choice but to dodge Carts advances, and an evil magicians sorcery, while she battles her way to either heroine or victim.

Ellies writing is sure to keep readers turning the page. She is skilled and provides her audience with artistic settings and carefully crafted, engaging characters.

That all said, Ellie also believes in lending a hand. When she heard about a project designed to raise money for breast cancer education and funding mammograms for those in need, she was quick to respond. Her short story Flock That is included in Shades of Pink: A Romance Anthology. Shades of Pink includes works by thirty-three authors and available as gift with a donation during October. Flock That is Ellies story of a woman who has unresolved issues with an ex. Shes contemplating how to approach him when a friend helpfully fills her yard with pink flamingoes, immediately bringing her to the attention of the homeowners board he chairs. Hopefully, he wont walk away again.

Ellie is a relatively new author still building a fan base and more than willing to share her journey on her blog where she writes about everything, including helpful advice on writing, becoming published, and whatever else is on her mind. Check her out. I think youll be glad you did.

Q) Before becoming a published author, you worked with other authors, critiquing their manuscripts and offering writing advice. What finally convinced you to write your own stories?

A) Ive always been a writer, the nudge I needed was to start submitting my stories! Being in a great critique group helped a lot with my confidence letting me know I was ready to take the plunge.

Q) The obvious question: Why focus on paranormal and fantasy when you write marvelous straight-forward contemporary romance, too?

A) I keep trying to write more straight-forward contemporary, but paranormal elements keep sneaking in! Actually Im about to take another tack and am focusing on a historical novel right now. Well see how that plays out and if I can keep the shifters/elves/witches at bay.

Q) Where can readers find Shades of Pink?

A) Shades of Pink is being offered as a gift to everyone who donates through to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Q) How have your children adjusted to Mom writing romance tales?

A) My teen boys dont talk about it much, and my tween daughter wants to read my stuff, but its still a little too hot for her, in my opinion, although the door does remained closed! (I.e., there are no explicit sex scenes.) In the end I think theyre proud, theyve seen and heard how difficult it is to be published, so they recognize it is an accomplishment.

Q) You work for Curiosity Quills Press, a publisher focused on out-of-the-box stories, hard-hitting dark sci-fi, speculative fiction, and paranormal works aimed at adults, young adults, and new adults. Im aware you have a strong affinity for these types of stories, so, why are you writing romance?

A) I like to feel upbeat and good after I read/write a story. Romances are, by definition, happy by the end, so its a good fit. Plus Im a romantic at heart. I like the idea that not only can you find someone who accepts you as you are, warts and all, but that each person has the capacity to grow and love someone, warts and all.

Q) Any parting thoughts for fans and those not yet familiar with your work?
A) Rather than talk about my work, its a small list, Id love to encourage people to donate to the Shades of Pink fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. In case you need it, heres the link again to donate and receive your copy: