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CMU Game Photos (Michigan 59, Central Michigan 9)
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By Shirley Gilfert
Shirley Gilfert is a freelance columnist and historian who writes about local history.
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Game action from Saturday.  Also check out pregame shots here, and sights/sounds here
Leading off—we celebrate Michigan Football:
0 Lead 
1 blocked

And now you are blocked..setting up Joe R’s TD

1 Flint Rawls Freddy J

T Rawls and Freddy J talking about the 5 points of pressure on the pigskin


 1 Funchess

Honey Funchess of Oats dropping the stiff arm as a Chip tries to strip the ball


1 Spider-Man

Spider-Chip, Spider-Chip, does whatever a Spider-Chip does.   Do they make tearaway bicep bands?


1 goal line stand first half

Fourth and Short…and you get NOTHING!  GOOD DAY SIR!



1 Gordon block

Capt. Gordon with the block – love this one

More after the jump including Derrick Green, a greasy pigskin, Fitz and more:
1 Green

One ton of muscle with a ONE TRACK MIND.  The power of recruiting: Green got on of the biggest cheers when he came in


1 nizak fumble 2

Pick up that greasy Chip-branded pigskin!


1 Norfleet OOB
Norfleet bounced out of bounds

1 Pick

Woop!  Taylor jumps the route for the pick


1 Rawls Touchdown

Rawls bounding to paydirt


1 reynolds scores on blocked punt

One more of Reynolds trotting in for the play of the game


1 touisant in the first half 

Couldn’t leave out Fitz, here with Funchess setting up a block


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