Jeffrey Lant, a Nebraska City police sergeant, announced Thursday that he is seeking the Republican nomination for Otoe County Sheriff.

Lant said he would establish 24-hour law enforcement coverage for the county and provide deputies with a clear chain of command with a supervisor for each shift.

Lant has experience in law enforcement in the U.S. Air Force and 16 years with the Nebraska City Police Department. He has been a sergeant for the past eight years.

Jeffrey Lant of rural Nebraska City announced on Thursday that he is a Republican candidate for Otoe County Sheriff.
Lant is a lifelong resident of the Nebraska City area and has over 16 years experience as a police officer with the Nebraska City Police Department, the last eight of which are as a police sergeant. Lant said he has served under three chiefs of police in Nebraska City and has grown both as a person and an officer through this experience.He said in addition to giving him his start in civilian law enforcement, Chief Kent Roumpf taught him the importance of understanding those he came in contact with and how it relates to discerning the best type of enforcement action to take in order to change a person's behavior.  Under the leadership of Chief Bill Muldoon, Lant was promoted to the rank of sergeant and tasked with developing the department's first structured Field Training Officer (FTO) program for teaching and developing new officers.

Lant was also responsible for instructing defensive tactics and coordinated other activities such undercover operations involving the sale of alcohol to minors.  Today Lant serves under Chief Lacy as his senior sergeant.
Lant credits Chief Lacy in furthering his leadership development by continuing to task him with leadership roles in the department.
Most recently Lacy assigned Lant the responsibility of developing and assuming the role of training coordinator. Lant has since created a training calendar for the department and coordinates monthly training for its officers. Lant maintains the department training records and reports this training to the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Academy.  Lant said there a great officers working for the sheriff's office, but is calling for 24-hour law enforcement coverage.
Lant said he would make certain there would always be at least one on-duty officer that is ready to respond to your home in case of an emergency. Lant also pledges that he would implement a leadership structure to ensure accountability within each shift.

 Prior to his start with the police department, Lant served with the United States Air Force as a security police officer. During his time in service with the Air Force and as a police officer, Lant has received an associate's degree in criminal justice from Metropolitan Community College and a bachelor's degree in management from Bellevue University.   He and his wife volunteered with the Youth Group at First Evangelical Lutheran Church for several years. He has also served on the Deacon Board at Calvary Community Church for about five years. He served on the P.U.F.F. (People United for Families) board as well. Currently He and his wife operate a free soup kitchen in Nebraska City through the winter months.  Lant's business experience encompasses more than just law enforcement. He owned and operated a lawn service giving him experience with employee management as well as fiscal responsibility. He currently owns several rental properties in Otoe County. Lant and his wife, Angie and their daughters have lived in rural Nebraska City for almost five years. His oldest daughter recently graduated from Nebraska City High School and will be going to college in the fall to work on a degree in Spanish translation and interpretation. Their younger daughters are currently home schooled.