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Fremont County's borderline was in dispute
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By Karen Johnson
July 1, 2013 12:01 a.m.

By Karen Johnson
About ten miles of the southern portion of Fremont County was once under the jurisdiction of Holt County, Missouri, until the boundary question was settled between the two States. That part of old Holt County south of the state line, adjoining Fremont, is now known as Atchion County, Missouri. The north boundary of what was known as the "Platte Purchase," and which gave to the State of Missouri some four or five of her finest northwest counties, extended about ten miles into the territory afterwards conceded to Iowa. The jurisdiction of Holt County was extended to this boundary line, and thus, at that time, included the strip of territory in question. The purchase was made of the Pottawattamie Indians, who were removed to Pottawattamie County, Iowa as is described in the history of that county, some time before any settlements were made by white men within the limits of Fremont County. This reservation, at that time, extended southward to the north line of the purchase, but soon after the settlement of the county began they relinquished all their lands in Iowa and repaired to Kansas. Major Stephen Cooper, who lived near the present Town of Bartlett, once represented Holt County in the Missouri Legislature. Mr. Hitchcock, above mentioned, kept a hotel about a mile and a half southeast of the place where Sidney was afterwards located. His building stood on the line, partly in what was then claimed as Missouri territory and partly on lands then belonging to the Pottawattamie Indians. Some men in the south part of Fremont County lived in two states and three counties without changing their residences, the State of Missouri and Iowa, and the counties of Holt, Atchison and Fremont.

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