Citizens of Nebraska City raised $4,000 to get the school started in 1875

By Len Hoskins

Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired, formerly known as NEBRASKA SCHOOL FOR VISUALLY HANDICAPPED and as the Nebraska School For the Blind)

The school was created from like schools in Iowa  and Illinois. Citizens of Nebraska City raised $4,000 to get the school started in 1875...Because the money that the Nebraska legislature gave the people Sam Bacon used a lot of his own money to put the proposition passed.....Jan 13, 1876 saw the school open in a temporary basis at the proposed Nebraska College/Talbot Hall Episcopal boys school 3 miles northwest of the city. Later Bacon opened the first School for the Blind west of the Missouri River, a 40-ft x 65-ft building at 824 10th Avenue..In 1877 opened with 17 students. Two years later there were 21 students. 1893 saw the school with 105 students.Through the years the original building became the east wing of the enlarged the 1990's the classes declined to three students.

Now the school serves students  from infancy through school or age 21..Several of these young men still  remain in the community, only now aging well too and continues to serve the school and the community very well.
 This history material is from Jim McKee, Lincoln Journal Star