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Experiences at the school for the visually impaired
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By Len Hoskins
June 13, 2013 12:01 a.m.

By Len Hoskins
Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired, formerly known as NEBRASKA SCHOOL FOR VISUALLY HANDICAPPED and as the Nebraska School For the Blind)
Originally Opened in Feb 19,1875
(First my part of the story and then the history of the school)
When i was a senior at NCHS, we had four students from the School for the Visually Handicp join us for our final year..three young men and a young lady..They went to classes with us.taught us how to read and write Braille while between or during classes..A couple of the boys grew up to be pretty well known businessmen.
I also had a tie-in to Coach Roger Davis of the school..He was a teacher as well as a coach and taught kids with a lot of problems they brought to school with them how to work thru them. one year he had three sets of brothers who all became state wrestling champions..what a great group of young men
I helped Coach Davis with his wrestling tea and later coached a group of Junior High boys..who in turn taught me new tricks on the mat and in bowling classes. Some of the boys were good bowlers..After they threw the first ball all you had to do is tell them what pins were left standing...they knew how to handle the ball after that.
Later I coached a team that scored very high in an Omaha wrestling tournament from teams that were very good. Some also wrestled in the Jaycee wrestling league we had at that time with over 100 boys taking part on the teams
When I was a Cub Scout leader who taught me as a leader and the other young scouts a lot about living..One young man by the name of Willie Kitto, a totally blind Albino Indian told us tales his grandfather, chief of the tribe had told him about life in the Indian villages and the eagles that flew high over the tribes.

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