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Our contributors to this blog have a passion for the area's history and want to share their passion with others interested in learning more about years gone by.
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By Len Hoskins
June 3, 2013 12:01 a.m.

In Nov 1954 the News-Press put out a 84 page Centennial edition of the News-Press,,the largest in its history..It took a number of printings to enable them to put out such a paper..Section C was just about News-Press employees at work at their various jobs..I was working in nthe mail department during this time..it was my job to make sure everyone got their edition of the News-Press daily, by carriers in the city, and bundles to all the various towns and then by single papers throughout the world by single wraps each wrapped and sent individually in sacks of mail and delivered to the to the post office.

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