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By Len Hoskins
May 30, 2013 9:58 a.m.

by Len Hoskins
Longtime News-Press employee over 25 years
J.Hyde Sweet, Editor Emeritus, died April 5, 1964, Sun City, Arizona at the age of 84..Not only was he editor of the News-Press from 1909 to 1964, he was also a former Congressman from Nebraska, filling in for his longtime friend from Nebraska City...after a year of serving he retired from Congrtess to go home to take care of the News-Press..J. Hyde wrote millions of words for the paper from Nebraska City, where his long well known "The Kick"column appeared daily on the front page of the paper..while he wintered in Arizona duri ng the winters later on his column "The Kicks from Wick"
continued to appear until his death...He read dozens of weekly and daily papers every day and wrote things of interest to his readers
His newspaper career start began in Palmyra at the age of 13at the home of his father, Charles Sweet.
Mr Sweet was active in most Nebraska City Civic and community activities...He was President and Past President of the Nebraska Press Association; Director of the Inland Daily Press Association and editor of the News-Press 45 years
He was friends and spoke to everyone every morning when he came to work..he was very interested in everyone's job and their lives..he went out of his way to make sure he never missed a person,full or parttime staff. Thats how i came to know him personally as i started out parttime...My senior year in High School I worked half days and got to know every aspect of newspapers,,where i spent over 50 years doing what i loved most..working and writing for Nebraska City and York daily papers and worked at two weeklies in Crete, Ne and Grinnell, Ia.

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