Andrew Zimmermann's photography exhibition, "Every Church in Nebraska City" will be shown at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts through June 20.

The exhibit features black and white photographs of 23 Nebraska City churches.

The KHN Center for the Arts' May display features the “Every Church in Nebraska City” exhibition.

Andrew Zimmermann, a visual artist from Arlington, Va., took black and white photographs of 23 churches during an earlier stay as an artist in residency.

Zimmermann noted the diversity of congregations and architectural styles found in Nebraska City.

“He sees this series of photographs as a way of emphasizing a central component of life in Nebraska City and the exhibition of these collective works as a way of fostering new connections between the people of the town,” said center director Jenni Brant.

Following the close of the exhibition on June 20, Zimmermann plans to donate the framed prints of each church the respective locations.
An artist reception was held Thursday, May 9.