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Fine Dining of Nebraska City's Past: Part III
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By Len Hoskins
April 22, 2013 12:01 a.m.

By Len Hoskins
Nebraska City has always been blessed with some great dining places..even way back in the late 40's and early "50's..Ill try to remember the top 15-20 that i can remember..a lot of these i remember since i delivered the News-Press to most of these.ALL are gone now.
PAT-A-CAKE., next door to Brown Shoe Fit, that was located on the north side of main at that time...more of a bakery, but served food too
MAID RITE..run by the Royer family, right around the corner and across the alley from the current news-press office, who were good friends and lived in an apartment with the Art Keran family,my cousins..there are a few Maid Rite cafes around the midwest..some run under different names..but still the same style food..Jr and Sr kids would flock in there at noons , close to both school
ARBOR CAFE , located about where Brown Shoe Fit is now...it was beside the Arbor Theatre, that burned to the ground and took the cafe with it.
JOES CAFE between 6and 7th on north side..opened by the Batallion family and then sold to the Halm family..Harold Halm worked for the Dept of Roads with my dad until they purchased the cafe..He and His wife Rose had great meals..But I remember all the great pies Rose made, especially for fourhungry guys every Sunday morning

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