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NC Fining Dining Memories Part I
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By Len Hoskins
April 17, 2013 12:56 p.m.

By Len Hoskins
Nebraska City has always been blessed with some great dining places..even way back in the late 40's and early "50's..Ill try to remember the top 15-20 that i can remember..a lot of these i remember since i delivered the News-Press to most of these.ALL are gone now.
GARDEN CAFE, located where the current police station is now..it had an outdoor dining as well as a cafe and sometimes had dances outside under the light.
TASTEE INN..13th and Central.. burned down and Clemmy Holmes had his Ford, Mercury dealership ..It was close for the kids after football games.The Olson family served up some fine food
FETTYS FOOD Just a little diner of about 10-12 seats..Walt served up great burgers and Hash browns...especially when a group of tired AAu basketball players came in after a game somewhere in their uniforms..He took really good care of this bunch and often times the bill was skipped..dont know if he sent the bill to our great sponsor the late Clarence Vigen, who had the Chevolet-Cadillac business just down the street a few door Clarence was our sponsor who purchased uniforms complete with warmup jackets and uniforms for about 12 of us. more about our team and what Mr Vigen did for the city while he was alive and very active in Nebraska City affairs later

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