Mike Kearney

Are you or your kids not “athletically inclined”?  Living a healthy lifestyle has nothing to do with being athletic.  So what are some activities that you can have fun at doing but not have to compete with anyone?

Swimming: to me this is one of the best forms of exercise.  Swimming utilizes the whole body and when you utilize the whole body you are moving a lot of muscle and more muscles moving equals more calories burned!  Just playing in the water is like adding a healthy ingredient to you kids food and not telling them.  They’re playing and having fun but they are exercising and they don’t even realize it.  The pool is also great for those that may have joint issues that don’t allow them to get out and run or walk on a hard surface.

Karate: Karate is a great exercise option to help build body awareness, strength, and power.  In addition to the physical benefits there are mental benefits such as; respect, discipline, and enhanced confidence, all while having fun.  

Strength training:   When I talk with people about their health I try to emphasis the importance of strength training.  Not only for our day to day activities but also help us burn calories.  Remember the bigger the engine (more muscle) the more fuel (calories burned) that it takes to run that engine.  Also, there is no shortage of research that shows that we lose muscle each year therefore we are weaker and our metabolism decreases.  We must strength train to keep this muscle mass up and live healthy. 

These are a few ideas for you if you still want to be active and not compete against others.  Hey, no matter what, you are always the winner!