Tips on how to craft a memorable toast

If you have been asked to be the best man at a wedding, then chances are you will experience a combination of excitement and fear. The best manís job is not easy and brings with it certain duties. One of those duties is to give the best manís speech at the reception following the wedding service. Learn more about how to give a great best manís speech with the following tips.

Planning is everything. Some best men believe that the best speech is given completely spontaneously and without any preparation. This is almost certainly a mistake. You only get one chance to give a good speech, and in the glare and scrutiny of the moment, you may forget everything you had an idea about saying. Take time to plan and write the speech plenty of time in advance.

Be funny but respectful. Humor is a great way to connect with your audience, but avoid cruelty or markedly personal comments. A humorous insight into the groomís past exploits can be great fun, but remember that he is with all his closest friends and family. Keep things witty and light-hearted, and consider everybody in the room.

Avoid alcohol. Alcohol may well prove the undoing of all your efforts. It does not matter if you are nervous or anxious. If you ply yourself with wine and spirits, you will not be in a fit state to give a good speech. Worse still, when you are drunken, your judgment is clouded. You are far more likely to say something that you (and the groom) will regret.

Remember to thank people. An important part of every best manís speech is to thank all the right people. Thank all the different people who helped make the wedding a success. Thank the bride and groom and their parents. Thank the wedding party, all the guests and anybody else that you think has contributed. Always compliment the bride (and the brideís mother, too!).

Keep it simple. All good weddings are based on a kissókeep it simple. Donít tell complicated stories. Donít rely on anecdotes that may only make sense to a few guests. Above all, donít outstay your welcome. A short, punchy speech is easier to pull together and is less likely to go wrong.

Being the best man should be an honor and be fun. Donít spoil your day by messing up the speech.
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