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Hospital over the years
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By Len Hoskins
March 29, 2013 12:01 a.m.

By Len Hoskins
ST MARY'S HOSPITAL..I recently saw where the old St Mary's hospital will soon be no more...Plans to build na new one south of town nwhere the old Vic Grundman Airport stood for years will be its new home..Now I understand also that the new medical clinic will soon move with it..What a great thing that is for the city and all the residents in that area....I was shocked a number o years ago when i saw that they had moved north of town..but thats growth and with the nursing homes in that immediate area...My town of York a few years ago moved their doctors clinic into the hospital area for one complete building and the hospital is enlarging again to help the patients here.
ACTUALLY ST MARY'S was being organized in nthe early 1920's with a total funbd of $150,000, half being raised by the peopleof the city and the Sisters of St Francis the other half. St Mary's was opened for business on Feb 13,,1927 and the first patient admitted that same day. In 1937 the new wing was opened to make from 35 to 50 rooms...I was born in that very hospital and spent time there several times after surgery was needed.

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