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Date rolls from Otoe Foods
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By Len Hoskins
March 27, 2013 1:02 p.m.

By Len Hoskins
Most of my family...my mom, aunts and an uncle worked at Otoe Foods during the war...making for for our fighting men around the world...
one of those foods being date roll..My mom Marjorie (Mrs Leonard) Hoskins worked on tht line..Whenever cans got bent or dented theey were thrown off the line...Mom would bring some of them home to me..I loved the date roll...JUST A few years ago I visited the War Museum at Lexington Neb where my daughter Deb (Hoskins)Stuchlik lives..While visiting with one of the guides ( former war vet) i was talking about the date roll..He took me over to a display....Wow..there were stacks of old canned goods of all sorts from Otoe Foods Canning Factory of Nebraska City including date roll

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