Wise advice for making a lasting commitment to fitness.

Its not always easyto start and maintain an exercise routine. I can remember back in the day when I would put on my shiny spandex with leg warmers (a very important accompaniment) and head to the gym for a step aerobics class. That lasted a week or so because while I looked fab, it really was hard work. I tried jogging for a few days and then realized I got really winded, which wasnt very fun. I even tried Zumba, just last year. I felt a little like a paloomba . . . but oh, well, at least I tried. Well, thats fine for who I was, but now Im 45 and its time to get serious about this. To start me on a better track this time, I decided to reach out to a professional for advice. Molly Galbraith is a strength coach and personal trainer withGirls Gone Strong. She is also featured in the Journey into Wellbeings pilot episode. Here are her top suggestions for creating a fitness routine that will outlast your legwarmers!


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