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Grandpa's jobs included bombler plant. reserve police officer
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By Contributor Len Hoskins
March 21, 2013 12:01 a.m.

By Contributor Len Hoskins


As a hometown boy born and raised in Nebraska City and graduating with the class of NCHS 1954..i was always interested in the city...my grandparents Mr and Mrs John Cordell raised me most of my young life

My grandpa Joh worked for the Morton-Gregson plants out south of the bowling alley on south 19th st...I can remember him talking about and seeing the men cut the ice from the ponds and thats how people got their ice in chunks at that time during the summer...You had an old ice box where you put the ice chunk on the top and that cooled your food from there he went to work at the Martin Bomber Plant during World War II help making B-24 bombers for the war effort..Later he became City Foreman for the NC Rods Dept...He would also help as a special RESERVE  policeman  for big city  events including the Fourth of July entertainment and directing traffic and assisting the large crowds who came to the park for the day..there were rides, baseball gmes, kiddie games, band concerts and the big finallee..THE FIREWORKS..After he died, my grandma cordell gave my mom his poice badge which he wore and I know have it among my special memories

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